Featured Artist Lanie Loreth


This month we are featuring artist Lanie Loreth

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“To me art is about love and passion for what I do. The experience of creating
art is alive and an intimate thing for me. I feel the end result for any artist must express their personality and viewpoint. Otherwise, the penciled lines
and brushstrokes are just a rendering and not a work of art.”

According to Loreth, she always has had a passion for the fine arts and has been drawing and painting since her childhood. She earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Arizona State University and enjoyed a career as a graphic and environmental designer for more than a decade.

LAN-010712B_Untitled_50x70Her artistic style shows a strong influence from her many years spent in graphic design. It transcends from abstract to realism. Her strong understanding of color, composition and form is evident in her work. She enjoys working with mixed media and often combines handmade paper, natural leaves, flowers and grasses in many of her pieces. The medium she uses depends on the “story” she is telling in her painting or collage.



Featured Artist Alex Reid

Paintings by Alex Reid

Think Art has acquired a new collection from local artist “Alex Reid”.

These are absolutely beautiful originals (Acrylic on Canvas), please call, email or stop in the gallery for pricing and to see them up close.

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Misty Sky by Alex Reid

Alexandra Reid was born in 1978.  As a child growing up in Sedona AZ, Reid was fascinated by the colors and textures of the rich natural environment that surrounded her. A self taught artist, Reid has sustained the same passion for nature and currently allows it to inform her highly textured and distressed paintings which often reflect rock striations in vivid or exaggerated color.

By focusing on abstracted figures and landscape features, Reid strives to illicit active viewership to forge a transcendent relationship between viewer and art work.

Reid is represented exclusively by Think Art

She currently lives in Paradise Valley with her husband, daughter and Australian Shepherd.


Harmonic by Alex Reid

March Garden by Alex Reid


Ancient Structure by Alex Reid


Shoreline by Alex Reid

Down Town by Alex Reid


Featured Artist Sharon Sieben

Paintings by Sharon Sieben

Biography – View Artwork

Elation II by Sharon Sieben

Indiana born artist, Sharon Sieben, currently resides in Mesa Arizona. When she works at her easel she realizes that this act is a form of communication with others (prospective viewers) as well as a dialog with between herself and her inner self. She begins a piece by knowing what the subject matter will be, and eagerly waits to see what she is going to reveal about it. Often she thinks she will have a clear direction to take, then finds herself making twists and turns that she did not anticipate. She knows a piece is done when there is nothing more to say and she is filled with a sense of discovery.

Sharon is a very passionate prolific painter. She has always traveled extensively and feels this world view influences her art perspective and provokes much of her inspiration.

Sharon states that she prefers working with oils, and often incorporates other materials and mediums, such as gouache and acrylics, for a special textures and interest.

She creates “larger than life” impressionist food and floral compositions in bold, splashy colors; but figurative subjects are her preference and contemporary nude paintings make up a large portion of her body of work.

New Artist Gabriela Villarreal


Born in Mexico, Gabriela is continually creating new and captivating works of art. Using modern forms and unique textures, Gabriella is known for her ability to capture color through an innovative use of light and shape. Encouraged to participate in the arts at an early age, she began her career in the company of her mother who acted as her primary mentor. She studied art at the Arte A.C. and was influenced by artists Damian de la Rosa and Fernando Cervantes. Villarreal’s pieces are collected around the world and have been displayed in galleries throughout Mexico, the United States, and Europe.

Gabriela Villarreal, acrylic on canvas

Gabriela Villarreal, acrylic on canvas

Gabriela Villarreal, acrylic on canvas

Gabriela Villarreal, acrylic on canvas

Gabriela Villarreal, acrylic on canvas

Gabriela Villarreal, acrylic on canvas

Gabriela Villarreal, acrylic on canvas

Gabriela Villarreal, acrylic on canvas

New Hallman Art 2013


Round by Hallman, 30×30 mixed media on board

Delta by Hallman, 20×30 mixed media on board

The Gate by Hallman, 40×30 mixed media on board

Wine & Roses by Hallman, 30×20 mixed media on board

Untitled by Hallman, 22×29 mixed media on paper

Gold by Hallman, 15×20 mixed media on paper

New Art for February 2013

Long Horn by Leland Beaman, 24×36 oil on board

Pine Cones by Leland Beaman, 18×49 oil on board

Indian with eagle by Charles Berry, 48×36 acrylic on canvas

Indian by Charles Berry, 30×30 acrylic on canvas